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My Mom and Auntie Nadja are big Tarot readers! The Tarot is a deck of 78 cards which has been used for amusement, divination, inspiration and personal growth. A source of wisdom, deep symbolism and psychological insight, it is the relative of our modern deck of playing cards. Probably the cards originate from Italy in the 14th centuries, but the symbols used in the older decks are often quite ancient. Many of them come from Egypt and the Kabbalah.
The tarot has also lots of archtypical images and situations, very much like fairy tales have. This makes it suitable for children as well - of course you have to choose the right deck, something with bright, positive pictures and maybe even real fairy tale scenes in it!
Auntie Nadja gave me this beautiful deck for my christening. It comes from Italy, just like the oldest Tarot cards did. It is named after the golden sun in the morning, Alba Dorata - isn't that a wonderful name? There are fairies on the cards, but also elves, trolls, and mermaids.
My godmother Nadja meant this deck to be the token of a promise - she has promised me to teach me the meanings of the cards when I am old enough to understand fairy tales and nursery rhymes. I will be allowed to pick my own deck then, too. Because I'm so bright, I'm sure this will be very soon!!
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